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Dispatch Message Automation

Our Dispatch Messaging Automation System makes it effortless for Loads and Generators to respond to dynamic market conditions in response to the energy regulating dispatches from the Independent Energy System Operator (IESO). Because of the high volume of energy that flows through the Ontario power grid, both major provider’s and user’s activity must be monitored to ensure that major energy surpluses and shortages are avoided.

The IESO therefore dispatches information to major energy stakeholders letting them know when to temper their production or usage. There is a vast number of rules and factors that govern when a dispatch from the IESO will occur, however with Digital Engineering’s innovative Dispatch Messaging Automation System, companies can now automatically respond, or in some cases proactively manage their energy consumption or generation through integrating this software into their systems.

The software will automatically acknowledge the IESO, and will generally automate the company’s systems to accept the dispatch information and govern energy consumption or generation accordingly. In some cases, when it is impossible to generate or receive power, the software will alert the IESO and provide information on why their dispatch has been rejected.

Another innovative feature of the software is revealed in its alarm component. Not only will the Dispatch Messaging Automation System interact with a company’s systems, it will also alert key personnel to the change through email, text message, or any other means that may be preferable.


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