Innovations in the works

Automated asset tracking

Bridging a gap in operational efficiency

Most rail cars have a an RFID tag to allow for tracking across shipments. These tags provide information about each car and what that car is carrying. Our RFID System scans these tags and collects their information for an efficient process.

Before the implementation of our Rail Car Reading System, the Canadian Grain Commission required inspectors to manually inspect all cars and record information on contents upon it’s arrival. We put our 25 years worth of experience in the Grain industry to work and created the automated tag reader system to integrate flawlessly with their current communication infrastructure. With more than one track entering the elevator and thousands of cars arriving every week we were able to create efficiencies, save costs, and reduce errors by scaling an existing technology to work with new industry goals.

A scalable solution

Good design is good business. We’ve designed our Reading System to be scalable to the industry as a whole. Not only are some scanners portable to enable manual use, we’ve made sure that the technology is compatible to the shipping industry’s differing guidelines. Trucking, rail, shipping or air, Digital Engineering’s system can be scaled to several different data collection applications.


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