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Ontario’s Independent Energy System Operator (IESO) has recently implemented the Renewable Integration SE-91 Initiative. The purpose of se-91 initiative is to ensure that renewable energy providers are collecting data and providing the IESO with information on how much power is, or will be collected. The IESO continually monitors the surplus levels in Ontario’s energy production and maintains the right to monitor and control levels from providers if need be.

Historically, energy providers in Ontario have not had limits on how much power they provide. However with Ontario’s recently introduced Green Energy and Green Economy Act, as well as the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program, there has been a large influx of new green energy providers providing new generation projects to the Ontario power grids.

Historically, energy providers in Ontario have not had limits on how much power they provide.

Because Ontario’s primary power supply has traditionally been nuclear based, there now arises an issue of surplus supplies due to over 6000 MW of new commercial energy operations in place. Surpluses in energy can cause various issues for nuclear energy providers, thus the SE-91 legislation is of concern in particular to energy generators, particularly renewable energy providers (wind, solar). Local Distribution companies and energy agencies are also directly affected by this legislation.

While the IESO is an neutral resource for all stakeholders in the Ontario energy industry, independent energy providers and other stakeholders will gain an advantage and increased efficiencies in their operations by utilizing innovative new monitoring equipment from companies like Digital Engineering, a specialized supplier to the energy industry that offers several ways for partners to proactively monitor their energy supply and usage.


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