Building bridges between operations and business goals

System Integration

We are specialists in building bridges for process control and business systems

As an organization grows, reorganizes or expands into different areas, new systems are put into place in order to help tackle new challenges or augment current operational processes. A trend that we notice is even though the company acts as a whole, individual system tend to work in isolation from one another, creating gaps in efficiency.

System Integration is the process of closing gaps by connecting isolated systems together to work as a coordinated whole. Our team looks at your framework of systems from a operational and procedural stand point and works with you to design an integration plan around your processes.

  • Design and build for industrial networking
  • Hardware and software protocol conversion
  • Custom application software and database implementation
  • Full-service IT/OT capabilities and secure hosting services
  • We specialize in a wide-range of database applications (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Pervasive, Access and more)


More control of processes with automated solutions

Automation is all about working smart over working hard. We leverage the power of intelligent instrumentation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to facilitate plant wide control, saving labour, energy and valuable resources.

Like all that we do, we take on a collaborative role with our clients from concept to installation in order to devise a tailored, Automation solution, around your operational objectives.

  • Complete design and implementation of PLC based control systems (hardware & software)
  • Development of HMI/SCADA solutions (Client/Server and stand-alone panels)
  • Supply and commissioning of process instrumentation
  • Industrial networking expertise over wired and wireless infrastructure
  • System implementation using vendors such as Allen-Bradley/Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Modicon/Schneider Electric, among others

Energy Management

Reduce energy costs with smart monitoring and automated response

We have been providing energy management systems and services to Loads and Generators for over 30 years. We have the expertise to enable facilities to participate in energy markets and take advantage of opportunities through smart monitoring and automated response. We develop both hardware and software solutions:

  • Dispatch Message Automation – DMA (IESO)
  • Coincidental Peak Load Control for minimizing Global Adjustment Charges (5CP)
  • Management Systems for tracking Market Transactions and Settlement Statement Reconciliation
  • Metering Solutions for Electricity, Gas & Water
  • Operational Metering & Remote Telemetry
  • SCADA systems, Process Control & Industrial Networking

Product Development

Hardware and software solutions designed around your needs

We have unique capabilities for developing proprietary hardware and software solutions.

Our team of skilled programmers and engineers will work with you to develop a product from idea to installation, custom built around your specific requirements.

  • Communication interfaces
  • Embedded systems
  • Windows applications
  • Database solutions


Support through the full product life cycle

We support electrical and electronic process controls from inception to installation right up to decommissioning.

We are known for the relationships we build. We want our clients to run with continuous efficiency throughout the entire product life-cycle.

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Electronic repairs
  • Cable assemblies


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